11 reasons why a developer should learn design

AUG 1st, 2017        BY RASHI KARANPURIA

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I am a dedicated Mobile and Back-end developer who loves coding and problem-solving. I am very happy when I am creating a software, then I am when doing anything else. Then why did I suddenly find the audacity to do the unthinkable, learn design? I mean come on we all know developers can not learn design. Or can they? And should they? Software development is more close to graphic design than you would think. Both involve creativity, technical knowledge, understanding of users and passion. Being an engineer without the know how of basic designing skills and design thinking is like, well you know a functionally awesome product that does not look or feel good, that we will probably not want to use. Following are the 11 reasons why I started learning design:

1. The Unicorn power:
Who could be more powerful than a developer who can design. It reflects in our products if we follow design thinking and possess even basic design skills. If you have your own product or startup, even more power to you.

2. More control over the look and feel of the product:
I don’t know about you, but I know I like to have more control on the overall feel of the product than I get with a designer working separately on the screens. Sometimes that collaboration just does not work out, that is when those design skills come handy.

3. So much time saved:
Rather than conveying what you want to a designer and get it done, then go over it again, because what you think is not fully conveyed to the designer so easily and there are those small almost regular changes which we call improvements. If I do these on my own I save a ton of time.

4. Boosts creativity:
Creativity in design boosts creativity in development. And you acquire this new kind of sensory organs and brain upgrade where you learn from things around you and apply those to your designs. You are improving your product enormously. And that sensory and brain upgrade gives you a new perspective about things, especially user interaction and experience.

5. I like to work on the whole product on my own:
Call me weird, but although being super awesome team workers, deep down we all think that we could have done something better if we did it on our own. All of us believe more in us than we do on others. At least I do, that is why I learned front end when doing backend web development and now I am learning design, even though I am happy at where i am as a Mobile developer.

6. Definitely the path to awesome products:
How many time have you seen an amazing looking app or product out there, that looked so elegant and beautiful that you were awestruck for a long time. Did you not wish to build such a product and own it. Well here is how you can finally do it.

7. Understand users and apply that to design:
Get out of your building girl and learn what they want. Design thinking helps you understand your user’s interaction and experience with your product and concept. This along with design gives you enormous power to build something that your users truly need as well as desire.

8. Handier when creating a post or blog:
I often need images and illustration for my posts and blogs, and it just makes no sense to outsource these small efforts. By the way you have to try Canva, it just makes the whole process quicker. I have moved to Inkscape for design those images on my own and more detailed and customised.

9. A new approach to design:
One more head (yours) might bring a new perspective to the designs.

10. Design and development go hand in hand:
This is the absolute rule to have an awesome product that users love. There is no argument needed to prove or disprove it, its a fact.

11. Helps product stand out in a crowded space:
A good design that is pleasing to the eye is what makes your product stand out. There are a ton products but a combination of awesome features that users need and a design that makes them drool is what makes your product stand out from the crowd.
Aim to be a unicorn! You are meant shine apart from the crowd. designer development product unicorn

I am learning design principles and graphic design and I am sharing my journey on my blog. Check out my designs on Instagram or the whole project on Behance. I am constantly learning and improving. Take this journey with me, take your first step and share it me.
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